Summer of Sci-Fi: Just How GORY is Humanoids From the Deep?


SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 06.01.2023 to 09.01.2023

Just How GORY is Humanoids From the Deep? Well, this is a video that is classic “Breeder/Alien” sci-fi. Alien in 1979 paved the way, although that was more of a parasite. Other A-list and B-list films before 1979 also broke barriers. Demon Seed comes to mind, and has a strong feminine appeal and sensibility. However, Humanoids From The Deep is more intense, yet those with strong feminist views may not like the film. Is there value in the movie, the answer is YES. 

If you’re creative and/or like a good scare, with story; this film is for you. The movie is sure to inspire projects of your own, especially if you’re dealing with nasty monsters that want to mate with humans, or are just pesty parasites of the destructive variety. Although it’s an “exploitation” genre, it covers the impact of pollution and tampering with the environment. So, you can always say you’re watching it for “research purposes.” Also, the 1980s looks and feel of the concept costumes and sets is worth it. The male eye candy in the film is very nice too. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!

VIDEO: Courtesy of The Horror Geek – YouTube