Summer of Sci-Fi: “Always Believe in Yourself – 50 Cubiks Says You’ll Succeed”


Frak them! Always believe in your potential. Dedicate yourself to your projects and dreams. If the dream or special project, is positive, of God or The Universal Mind, and contributes good things to the world, don’t stop. Sometimes a vision takes time.

For proof, we offer the cover of a popular American magazine doubting whether or not the 1970s short-lived, yet hit sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica would be a success. It only lasted two seasons and got a few movies made. Then the revival series came and we rediscovered the joys and woes of the Ceylons and their 6 models. The lesson from this story is to never give up. We believe in you and bet 50 cubiks at the casino on the Rising Star that you’ll make.

Kisses from PARIS!!!


“This show needs to be remade again. Use either universe, the new series or the 1970s original. Possibly it should go on one of the “pay channels,” like HBO. Then the content can be made more for an adult audience. Also, this would also make an awesome cartoon aimed at grown folks. We’ll hope and pray that this happens.”

Kisses from PARIS!!!