Norman Lindsay – Australia – 1937


“Friends in The Bliss of Love” – circa 1920. Grouping of revelers around a Bachus character who plays joyfully with the muses in the woodlands. Using contemporary (1920s Euro-Australian models), emulating a mythical gathering. The look is “fleshy,” with a photo-realistic style merging with the Rocco style of France.


Norman Lindsay was an Australian artist, etcher, sculptor, writer, art critic, novelist, cartoonist and sometimes amateur ring-boxer. A true “Renaissance Man” with a love of life, the gym, and women. One of the most prolific and popular Australian artists of his generation, Lindsay attracted both acclaim and controversy for his works, many of which illustrated the Australian landscape with erotic imagery of the pagan of antiquity. 

He is considered one of Australia’s most prolific artists. His works can be seen today at his homestead and museum, Norman Lindsay Gallery – National Trust