MUTANT: 2 Hunky Brothers Battle Monsters


SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 06.01.2023 to 09.01.2023

We love MUTANT! This is “rare gem” film that was made for the mainstream, however, it makes you think like an “indie sci-fi” picture.

The story is basic late 1970s or 1980s tale. Two big city brothers take a road trip through the American south. They encounter locals, who rather they take their tofu somewhere else and give them a hard way to go. But while there, in the fashion of the great American cartoon classic, Scooby-Doo; they discover a mystery. The townspeople are dying mysteriously and the killer acts like a vampire, but does a few different things. We won’t ruin the rest. 

The film then unfolds on these two studs and even gives us a love story. The movie is a perfect weekend wine and popcorn flick with friends or the ones you love. The scares are genuine and there. Plus the two male starts are definitely “easy on the eyes.”

Kisses from PARIS!!!