Man From Atlantis – Classic Sci-Fi TV


LADIES and BEAUX HOMMES readers, it’s time to get wet! What???? Swimming silly. Get your mind out of the Paris gutters. For our annual Summer of Sci-Fi super-issue, we’re celebrating the classic TV genius of the short-lived, but critically acclaimed sci-fi series, Man From Atlantis.

The short-lived sci-fi series from the 1970s sported the sexy Patrick Duffy. Pre-Dallas and his second big job after his famous Taco Bell food chain commercial. The show is a gem and should be watched by all sci-fi lovers. The stories are well written and the female lead, Belinda J. Montgomery (Season 1 – 11 episodes); for season one is believable and makes women proud. The premise is Mark (Patrick Duffy), is the last survivor of the “lost city” of Atlantis. He is saved and later recruited to work for a foundation, owned by the US government. He saves the world in episode, with sexy charm and top-notch acting.

Catch this show online, many streaming platforms have this show.

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