13 July, 2024


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LADIES: VOTE BLUE (Ignore The Polls)

VOTE BLUE IN 2024! Save Democracy, Stop Fascism & Hate!!!

“LADIES, Kind Gentleman, and all the “Fabulous People” who celebrate PRIDE every June; don’t sit this election out! Don’t listen to polls, unless they’re from POLAND. The only poll that matters in a US election is the one on election day. Eight million more people came out before for BIDEN, let’s do it again. The courts will not save you. Many of your the Orange Stain’s fans are in a cult and have no love for you. Just hate. Go vote in droves, donate time and money. Focus on getting voters who will vote BLUE out to the polls. Don’t waste time trying to argue with the 45 Cult. They are crazy and women’s rights are on the line. If not, welcome to GILEAD, circa Handmaiden’s Tale sci-fi.

Kisses from PARIS!!! (Prayers for America)