HIS LOVE: Rob & Tiffany (USA)


HIS LOVE: Rob’s Dedication of Love for his beautiful wife, TIFFANY. Love is eternal and strong, and Rob had some fine words to say.

HE SAID (from his heart):

“There is so much to say regarding my soulmate.  Tiffany has been my bride for just over 25 years, but my love for her began many years prior to taking our sacred vows.  And I don’t mean that in a sense of being together that long, I mean it in a sense of how I knew what the perfect representation of what my soulmate would be.  She had to be caring and compassionate.  And not just for me, but for all living things.  Tiffany won’t harm an insect.  She is always saving spiders and moving turtles off the road. ? She had to be encouraging and respectful.”

“When I’m having difficulty with anything, Tiffany becomes my counselor.  She builds my confidence through problem solving and supports my decisions.  She had to be loving and romantic.  Tiffany allows for creativity and our passion for each other continues to burn intensely.  And she had to have patience.  Tiffany’s patience may be legendary after being with me for this long.  She has a calming presence and can be extremely tolerant.”

“So, you see, I knew I loved Tiffany long before we even met.  She was who my heart was searching for.  She lifts me up, dusts me off, looks me in the eye and reminds me who I am and that whatever it is, we can get it done.  She won’t let me fail.  Because when I just don’t have it, she does.  Tiffany is my ROCK.  And I’m forever grateful and blessed to have her.” – ROB (USA)

HIS LOVE IS REAL. Some wonderful photos of his beautiful wife and best friend, and soulmate, TIFFANY. 

**Thanks, from BEAUX HOMMES:

BEAUX HOMMES magazine would like to thank both ROB & TIFFANY, from the United States of America (USA) for sharing their story and love. Your love is inspiring for us here at the magazine and other couples. Also, for our readers worldwide.

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