Hermès: Episode 2 – Reinvent our métiers.


LADIES, we love this series from Hermès. It gives you a true insider view inside the workings of the iconic French fashion house. Sit back and enjoy. Also check out the collections for you or that special man in your life. Hermès always delivers.

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Episode 2 – Reinvent our métiers.

In this episode, Servane, supervisor of the logistics sector, invites you to discover her métier. At 29, she is at the head of a team of 14 people, overseeing the shipping of objects to Hermès subsidiaries:

“Logistics is the link between the artisan and the sales associate. Opening the orange box must be a magical moment for the customer. As each object is unique, I reinvent my métier every day.” Find out more: https://www.h.fr/Join-Hermes #HermesTalents