HALLOWEEN ISSUE: We Know What You Did Last Summer?



We know what you did last summer? Of course, not!!

We’re just “playing with you.” Are we playing silly games. No, we’re here as your friendly neighborhood fashion blog, with French dreams to advise you on matters of love and life. We do this knowing that the Halloween season is at large. Full of fun, excitement and some darkness.

Regarding this past summer, on the last day of summer; we offer some advice to those who feel their life is like a horror film. We offer this:

  1. Leave the summer in the past. Regardless, if it felt like a horror movie.
  2. Focus on your goals and make a list.
  3. Take the list, then proceed to develop a plan for the last quarter of the year. 
  4. Make goals for the New Year, but enact those plans now. You’ll get a “jump” on your friends and reach your ideal self.
  5. Believe that horror movies are only movies. Life can be a beautiful blockbuster that isn’t a scary film, if you bring in positive energy.

Kisses from PARIS!!!