19 April, 2024


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HALLOWEEN ISSUE: October is a Time of Reflections (Goals Assessment)


Halloween season is now again upon us. It’s the time for the leaves to change for those who live in the autumn part of the world. The leaves falling normally represents death. Actually, it really should be a path of renewal. Those leaves will go back into the soil, and start the cycle of life again. The choice we find ourselves now, isn’t whether or not to purchase a pumpkin spice treat. Rather, it’s the last four months of the year to look at past actions and plan a way forward. 

When your leaves return to the soil, what will they bring forth. We hope it’s something good, positive and of love. Some will take the Michael Myers route and focus on destruction. But we leave you with this. Those trees and their life cycle are all about beauty, life, and rejuvenation. The trees and their biological purpose is older and larger than Michael Myers evil. So, copy the trees and take stock of what is about to die for you and what will be reborn in the spring. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!