HALLOWEEN ISSUE: Films, Food, Fashion, Art – Made for Thinking Adults


LADIES, Gentleman, and all fabulous people; we greet you with love and joy. Some sharp Euro wit too (smile).

We hope everyone had a wonderful week and looking forward to the fall. It’s not all pumpkin spice and nice. We’re about to enter the Halloween season and all the darkness, fright, and fun, it brings. For some who are religious, we understand and we’ll see you on Nov. 1st for the start of the Christmas & Holiday season. 

But for the HALLOWEEN ISSUE, please know BEAUX HOMMES is designed for smart adult women and men. We’re proud followers of the concept of “Adulting.” You know who you are. You pay your own bills, work out or take responsibility for your health and diet. You dress the way you want too and you like what you like. We hear you and proud to serve you. You’re “grown folks.” BEAUX HOMMES is about topics that require the individual to have reached the age and mindset of adulthood. You don’t need much “hand holding.” Some of you may require a romantic evening of fun, but that’s an issue for another day. 

So know this, all the majority of films in the Halloween Issue for those who know life is Rated R and for some, much worse. The goal is to make everyone think, locate those classic film gems worth watching, and most of all; entertain our readers.

Kisses from PARIS!!!