HALLOWEEN ISSUE: Faith for the Fears (The Power of Popsicle Stick Crucifixes!)



Halloween is almost here, and we have more good stuff planned for your enjoyment. Let’s face it, it’s a holiday based on fear and all the scary stuff that comes with it. Some people feel it’s inappropriate for people to celebrate it. 

We have many opinions on this. But the first place is to say this. Yesterday was Friday the 13th. Some, who are superstitious, feel it’s a bad day. We say “bah-humbug” and because of a certain date, doesn’t mean your life has to be a horror movie. Don’t let the dark festivities of some, stop your faith. If you feel Halloween is evil, tell people politely, “I’m sitting this one out, but you can catch me again for Thanksgiving and the Holidays in December.” They’ll understand. You don’t have to explain your faith. 

Remember, if you have “faith,” in a higher power; all the pumpkin spice horror movies can’t hurt you. Have faith and believe in the goodness of humanity. October 31st will past and you will survive. Take note, of one of our favorite horror films. That would be the 1979 Salem’s Lot mini-series. Remember the sexy David Soul fought the evil vampires and won. 

Two popsicle sticks, and some tape, with some ample faith will get you through. Stopping fear and negative thoughts, starts with you. Also, a tall cup of pumpkin spice coffee.

Kisses from PARIS!!!

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: You can get autograph pics from this film, by David Soul. Feel free to check out his website at – The Official Web Site of David Soul – Actor, Musician, Activist