19 April, 2024


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HALLOWEEN ISSUE: Elvira – Mistress of The Dark


Do you want a film with a strong female character and full of a lot of fun? Well, we have the film for you. ELVIRA – MISTRESS OF THE DARK is that movie to make you laugh. Starring the lovely ELVIRA who provides beauty, grace under pressure, love, and a lot of fun. 

Our story finds ELVIRA trying to fund her soon to open Las Vegas revue. She has a job, hosting a lovely horror movie show for the local TV station. She soon discovers, haters are trying to shut down her dreams. Elvira is fired or quits (depends on your views). She hits the road and heads to a town in Massachusetts for the reading of her aunt’s will. 

In her quest to claim her late aunt’s estate, she discovers a town full of conservatives that want to do nothing with Elvira and the sexy mystique she brings via her beautiful persona. The town’s council goes out their way to get rid of Elvira. The film is a wonderful treat, due to how she handles this and her handsome co-star, Daniel Greene. He’s “easy on the eyes,” and perfect for those who love a handsome male co-star to go with strong female characters. 

We won’t spoil the rest, just know this movie is perfect for a Halloween party. Kisses from PARIS!!!