20 April, 2024


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GLORIA GAYNOR: I Will Survive (Extended Mix)

Through the darkness, through the hate; always remember there is love and GLORIA GAYNOR. Know this, you will survive and all you need to do is keep hope alive, a song in your heart, and embrace the power of this disco classic anthem, by a lovely lady. 

The track celebrates its 44th anniversary and it still keeps the party bumping. The song is perfect for working out, car cruising, or working on projects.

Kisses from PARIS!!!

VIDEO: Courtesy of Gloria Gaynor – YouTube

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FROM GLORIA GAYNOR – “The Lady & Her Music”

44 years ago, “I WILL SURVIVE,” won the first and only GRAMMY Award for Best Disco Recording. I’m so honored that the song has become a global anthem for survivors of all kinds! Keep sharing this song with your loved ones who need encouragement, inspiration, and strength to face challenges in the lives! ????????????????️????????