4 March, 2024


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Frankie Goes to Hollywood: WAR Remix (24 Minutes Saint Mix)

We love FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD! A band that was ahead of its time by decades. To the young, add them to your playlist. The fun, funk, and fun was short, yet so sweet. 

With this awesome cover of the song War, the band showed they had a classical music side, to their alternative “dirty disco” soundscape of such hot tracks as Relax and Welcome to The Pleasuredome. This remix is beyond intense and made for the person that love long-format mixes. Over 25 minutes of the song, arranged in a fashion that is theatrical and made for a musical. Maybe one day we’ll see Frankie Goes to Hollywood the musical? That would be awesome. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!

VIDEO: Courtesy of Man the Saint Music. Awesome channel packed with incredible long-format classic rock and dance mixes. Please support and subscribe: Man the Saint Music – YouTube