21 February, 2024


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Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Black Night White Light (Blank and Jones Mix)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood, was a band that was way ahead of the curve, in terms of music, promotions, and dance. Pushing boundaries and not caring what others thought. True artists of dance music whose songs are still relevant and perfect for today.

This is a track from their debut album, that should have become a hit. The remix is fast, yet has a relaxing tempo. Perfect for those who plan fashion shows. The songs lends itself to the runway and models. The song also has a disco-glam rock vibe that is intense. The lyrics have meaning and the vocals of the band are superb. Holly Johnson belts it out in this track. Perfect for car cruising, cardio, the gym, fashion shows, and projects. 

Kisses from PARIS!!!


VIDEO: Courtesy of Hibs Mix. A wonderful YouTube channel filled with some awesome mixes. Please support and subscribe: Hibs Mix – YouTube