19 April, 2024


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Escape The Chateau to Paris For Christmas | French Chateau Renovations


Instagram: @chateaudelesigny

We love these two as they go a wild adventure to restore their chateau. This beautiful couple left their 9 to 5 jobs in the USA and turning an aristocratic French chateau into a home. Come join them on their journey and support their projects. 


VIDEO: Courtesy of The Beau Chateau.  Please journey with them as they live their French dreams. Wonderful content, please subscribe:





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Join us, Daphne and Ian, as we embark on our new chateau renovation projects! This week, we have family visiting for Christmas and get into the holiday spirit! We continue clearing the chateau property and visit Paris for the Christmas markets!

Our “beau chateau” (The 500-year-old, Chateau De Lesigny), is located near Paris, France. Most of the structures around the chateau domain need a full restoration, so we are investing everything we have into making the property thrive! We are learning more about French culture and developing new skills along the way!

As a French/American UC Berkeley graduate in Agriculture (Daphne), and a U.S. Air Force Tactical Response Force Veteran/ Kinesiologist (Ian), we share a love for challenges and adventure. We have a long road ahead of us and we are excited to share the experience with you!

You can support our renovation projects by joining our Patreon Community, where you can also gain access to exclusive videos and behind the scene access with Daphne and Ian! All patron funding is used to renovate this historical French Chateau. Every patron is paramount to our chateau renovations and we thank you all tremendously!

Produced by Daphne and Ian
Videography & Editing by Ian