18 July, 2024


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Emilian Stirbu: The Sexy Dragon of Romania

Emilian Stirbu: The Sexy Dragon of Romania (Man is Art Series)

For our SEXY MAN column, we always are in search of that select group of men, who are walking art. Men who inspire creation. Males who take care of themselves and share that knowledge on how to create more muscle men with incredible physiques. 

We also look for men who have beautiful insides too. The personality that comes with the “mountain of male beauty.” We always save the best for last and this December we offer you the macho appeal of Emilian Stirbu.

Some men are bears. Others are lions. Some are hawks or owls. But for Emilian, in our opinion, he’s a dragon. A macho reminder of the positive sides of masculinity wrapped in a lovely 1970s or 1980s manly shell. Covered with fur, yet funny and warm. 

So, sit back and discover this wonderful and enjoy the photo essay we’ve put together for your seasonal cheer.

Kisses from PARIS!!!


Favorite music?

“R&B, Soul music, and anything that allows me the relax. I’m also a big fan of Chill-Out music too!”



“Brown and sexy. Bedroom eyes!!!”

What do women find the sexiest thing about you?

“The look in my eyes. I think they can see my soul and that I have a good heart. I’m passionate about life and what I do in the gym.”

How long have you been into physical fitness and why does it motivate you?

“Sincer ever! Because this is my life.”

What are you goals for 2024?

“Be healthy and strong. 2024 will be about discovery and growth.”

What is a romantic date to you?

“Alone with her in bed having lunch.”

For women, visiting Romania, what romantic spots should they check out?
“We have lots of restaurants in the cities of Cluj, Sibiu, Bucharest, Iași and more.”

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Sexy man from Romania. Please enjoy this photo story. A perfect treat for the modern woman of today, and all those who appreciate the beauty of a masculine man. Kisses from PARIS!!!




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