David St. Romain: The Hello Handsome Interview


HELLO HANDSOME!!! (Le Interview)

T’es beau. For our annual NO SHAVE NOVEMBER super-issue, we offer our female readers a dish that is best served hot and with love. Sporting a French last name; we proudly give you the man known as DAVID ST. ROMAIN. 

David has a heart of gold and a strong will. He helps people change their health, and thus the destiny of their lives. He is handsome, yet down-to-Earth; and knows what he wants out of life. Wrapped in a lovely physical package of Herculean muscle, he is much healthier for your eyes than a pastry. No drama and all mind, David sat down with us and answered a few questions for our beautiful ladies. Sit back and spend some time with the very handsome David St. Romain. Easy on the eyes, and a bearded muscle god too. Rev up your fantasy engines ladies and start those dreams. A trip to Hawaii with him? Ski trip the Italian Alps, or exploring Paris or NYC together? Let your minds run wild.

Kisses from PARIS!!!

1. What is sexy about you?

What is sexy about me is my dedication to constantly working on myself to become the best version of myself. Whether it’s getting in shape for the next bodybuilding competition, working on my internal health or building my business, I always give 100% to everything I do to set up the best life possible for myself.

2. Why are you single? (The “short & sweet” answer)

I am single because I have much love for myself and who can love me more than I love myself? Until that person comes along I will continue to love and value myself.

3. Who is your ideal woman?

My ideal woman is very passionate about her career, loves helping others, has self-love and values herself to a higher standard.

4. Eyes?

My eyes are brown. When people look into my eyes they see someone who is passionate about helping others, someone that is trustworthy and down to earth.

5. What type of music do you listen too? Whose music speaks to your soul and why?

I listen to all types of music from rock and pop to hip hop and R&B. I really enjoy listening to Sappheiros. The calming rhythms and beats are motivating and relaxing to me and helps me get ready for my day or to help me push a little harder in the gym.

6. Favorite film?

My favorite film would have to be The Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a bodybuilder myself, a film with other bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiast working together to hunt down an alien creature just really grabs my attention and motivates me to want to become an even better bodybuilder.

7. What is your passion in life?
My passion in life is helping others with their health. Being so motivated in health and fitness since a young age I’ve grown to love what I do more and more. Whether it’s helping someone improve/reverse health problems or just wanting to get in better shape, I always give the best version of myself to my clients. 

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: BEAUX HOMMES magazine would like to thank David St. Romain for sharing his life with our readers. Ladies, this man is a “catch.” Be kind and for more information about David, please see his projects below. Please support and subscribe to his works. Kisses from PARIS!!!