21 May, 2024


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Christian Meyer Ross – “In the Sculptor’s Studio”- Norway – 1868

ARTWORK: This wonderful is entitled, “In the Sculptor’s Studio” by Christian Meyer Ross. It is an oil on canvas, 34.3 x 51.4 cm piece.

The “Antinous Farnese” statue is visible in the background, of the painting to give the viewer that they’re within an accomplished artist’s workshop.  The sculptor is dressed in Greco-Roman style, and works on a clay model for a statue of “Winged Victory.”

Now sadly forgotten, artist Christian Meyer Ross was at one time a society portrait painter in great demand in Paris, Rome, and Milan.

Born in Norway in 1843, he showed early aptitude in the arts, studying several languages, mastering the piano and acting at Samfunds Theatre as a student and later a teacher, specializing in playing eccentric old ladies. He was into what we would call “drag.”