20 February, 2024


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CHARLIE SEXTON: Impressed (Wanna Bet Dub)

Come dance and rock with us! We love CHARLIE SEXTON. His music is like fine wine and we’re all about the classics and “rare gems” mixes. This remix is made for those who want to have fun. The drums are out of this world, and the sound of the beat is hypnotic, with large doses of classic dance rock and the glamour of the age. When music was good and sexy. Made you feel good about being alive. Charlie Sexton’s music is macho sexy, with strong manly vocals. A voice that make women “swoon,” and want to dance. 

A perfect long-format dub mix of the classic, that is perfect for car cruising, projects, dancing with the one you love, cardio, and the gym. We also love the references to the wonderful couples in worldwide history. Kisses from PARIS!!!

VIDEO: Courtesy of RETROREMIXES1. We love this YouTube channel. Please support and subscribe: RETROREMIXES1 – YouTube