21 May, 2024


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Artiste Inconnu: Nubian Manhood – Early 1800s French School

Artiste Inconnu (Unknown Artist): Nubian Manhood – Early 1800s French School

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: We will feature Men of Color with the other beautiful Euro specimens and men of other backgrounds too. Especially if they were done in the Academy style. In terms of names, we use the names of the original works. In some cases, those names are “racially sensitive” by 21st century standards. Please understand we do not wish to offend. Rather educate on the “mindset” of a point in time. Progress can’t be measured, without the evaluation of language. In cases where a title is very “risque” or possibly offensive, we’ll rename. It will be done in the spirit of when Dolly Parton’s film, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas was renamed by theater owners. Some calling it “The Best ______ House in Texas,” etc. Our goal is to expand minds not offend anyone. Also, please read up on actual accounts of race relations from these periods of history. People suffered discrimination and more, and their memories of hurt should not be disregarded or minimized.