21 May, 2024


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ACADEMY (Académies): Manuel Vilar’s Tlahuicole (Tlaxcaltecan General) – Mexico – 1851

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all our readers in the Americas. Today, we celebrate the macho masculinity and vibrancy of the nation of Mexico. For inspiration we look to the wonderful work of Manuel Vilar. A triumph in stone, carved in 1851. It shows off the Native American masculine ideal, through the lens of Greco-Roman motifs and those of heroism during antiquity.

Using the Greco-Roman past to forge a Mexican identity, Vilar gives us beauty and art. This video is produced by Smart History. Please subscribe and support their wonderful YouTube channel. 


Manuel Vilar, Tlahuicole, the Tlaxcaltecan General, Fighting in the Gladiatorial Sacrifice, 1851, plaster, 216 cm high (Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City) A conversation between Dr. Lauren Kilroy-Ewbank and Dr. Steven Zucker.

So much history here LADIES, about fighting for your community and having pride too. A lot can be learned from this man’s courage and depiction. His city-state in Aztec America, was never conquered.


VIDEO: Courtesy of Smart History. Please support their wonderful YouTube channel. We love their videos. There is a lot of good works and they do informative material on artists from both France and Italy. Other countries and cultures too.