ACADEMY (Académies): Joseph Chinard – “Orthrades Resting on His Shield” – France – 1776


“Orthrades Expiring on his Shield,” by Joseph Chinard (French sculptor, 1756-1813), Terracotta-design. specialized in Neoclassical style that was infused with naturalism and sentiment.


Joseph Chinard garnered his early training in the French city of Lyon, as both a painter and teacher, in the government-supported École Royale de Dessin. He later worked with a local sculptor. His work at Lyon drew the attention of a wealthy patron who sent him to Rome, from 1784-87. He sent back to Lyon copies of antiquities, from digs in Italy. In Rome, he successfully won a prize from the Accademia di San Luca, for Perseus and Andromeda sculptor, and it still remains in the collection of the Accademia today.

You can see a lot of his work, here in Paris at The Louvre.