ACADEMY (Académies): John Börjeson – “The Bowling Player” – Sweden – 1871


John Börjeson (Swedish), “The Bowling Player” 1871, Marble, Gothenberg Museum of Art, located in the fabulous and hip city of Gothenberg, Sweden.

John Börjeson, was born in December of 1835, and he was a Swedish sculptor and painter; who studied in both Rome and Paris. From 1886 to 1907, he was a professor at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm. John Börjeson took time off to focus on pieces in his studio and landscape painting. He died on January 10th of 1910.



John Börjeson was a Swedish academic artist, specializing in mostly sculptor of Greco-Roman themes. Focusing on the male athlete or warrior archetype in academic art. He also did female themes too, but was well known for his monumental pieces that featured equestrian themes featuring the aristocracy or “heroes” from Swedish history. 

You can see his work at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, in Stockholm. More information is here: Start – Konstakademien