ACADEMY (Académies): Jacques Réattu – French – 1788


Jacques Réattu & The Beauty of The Academic Male Figurative


A year before the start of the French Revolution, and a young artist was studying the grandeur and majesty of the male figurative or academic male, and his relationship to both antiquity of ancient Rome and the turmoil of pre-revolutionary France. Jacques Réattu had an eye for capturing the masculine details. Always telling a story of bravery and romance. Honoring the men that posed for him. He normally selected soldiers or men at the few gymnasiums that were open to the public prior to rise of Napoleon. He won many awards, including the prestigious Grand Prix.


You can see his works in the Musée Réattu, located within the city of Arles in Southern France. His museum is housed in the former Grand Priory of the Order of Malta. The building then was acquired in 27 parts between 1796 and 1827 by Jacques Réattu, who lived and worked there. Upon his sad passing in 1833, Réattu’s daughter Élisabeth Grange inherited the building and her father’s collections. LADIES, a visit to Arles makes any visit to France spectacular.


“The Triumph of Civilization” – 1793, oil on canvas

“The Triumph of Liberte’ ” – 1794