ACADEMY (Académies): Gilles Rousselet – France – 1638 (Hercules Engraving)


Gilles Rousselet (1614-1686, French), was a French Baroque-era engraver, draftsman, and art dealer who was born in Paris and known for his find engravings for portraits, academic nudes, and for literature and history books. 

He was also one of the most skilled engravers of the seventeenth century (1600s) and a member of the Académie. He is also known within art historian circles by his birth name of Aegidius Rousselet. A lot of Rousselet’s engraving work were reproductions of works by other artists. Although he was known to some male nude work by his own hand.


Gilles Rousselet (1614-1686, French) “Hercules Sitting on a Burning Pyre on Mt. Eta” – Engraving after Reni Guido, image size 15 5/16 x 11 3/16 in.