18 July, 2024


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ACADEMY (Académies): Edward Francis Burney – UK – Male Side Torso Considerations

LADIES, we journey across The Channel to the UK to see this wonderful work by British academic painter, Edward Francis Burney. He was a well-established and successful English artist. His middle name is sometimes given in the art world as “Francisco” or “Francesco.” His family, although British, vacationing in both Spain and Italy and his parents loved both cultures.

Edward, started his artistic career at a young age; and became a promising student at the Royal Academy School of Art (in England). He received encouragement from Joshua Reynolds, then-president of the school and a master for spotting new talent. Edward exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art from the years 1780 through 1803. His collection included historical pieces and portraits of friends and family, including his cousin Frances (he was apparently too shy to paint other sitters). He also included several academic nudes of working men, soldiers, and “fine young men” brought to his attention by his growing number of fans.

His academic work or talents were in high demand. But sad to say, due to British conservatism on the subjects; not many of male nudes survive today. Although, collectors are finding undiscovered ones each passing year.


A boxer friend, and confidant. We’ll explore more on this in later posts. Thanks ladies. Kisses from PARIS!